How to be a Super Spy, with a Raspberry Pi

If you are honest with yourself, at one point in your life you have wanted to become a Super Spy*. While that might have been difficult to do when you were a child, it has never been a more attainable now that you are all grown up. This week I have collected some of the best tutorials and examples of projects that use both Raspberry Pis or Arduino that would make any spy jealous to have. So move over Q and let the Makers take over from here.

*Batman was also a inspiration for these projects.


1. Training: Laser Assault Course

Alright first up – Training. We all have to admit that we are not quite at Super Spy level. Take a look at this Laser Assault Course tutorial from PiFace. With this you can set up your own train course to prepare yourself for some spy action in the field. [Link]

For Example;


2. Communication: Converting Morse Code to Text with Arduino

Every spy knows that keeping their information secret is important, they also understand they will have to send messages from time to time. What better way to send a message than to go old school and use morse code. With this project from hack-a-day you will be able to quickly translate those morse code messages to text. [Link]



3. Security: Tor/VPN Router

While on the topic of keeping your spy information secret. You better set up one of these Tor/VPN routers to anonymize your information on the internet. I’m positive that Batman uses this same network to keep the bat cave off the grid, so I promise it is safe for your spy activities too. [Link]



4. Defence: Laser Trip Wire

That laser assault course for training can also be set up to defend you spy base, check out this vide to get and idea of how to create your own Laser Security System.


5. Spy Base Add-ons: How to build a garage Spy Base door opener

The last touch for your spy base is a spy base door that can be opened from anywhere. Think of those situations where you are out running the bad guys and need to make a quick entrance into the spy base. [Link]


6. Recon: Raspberry Pi Drone

As a spy you are going to also need a fully autonomous drone for reconnaissance. Can never be to careful when entering enemy territory.


7. Smart Car: Raspberry Pi Touch Screen

Every spy ever has an amazing computer system in their car. Now you can too with these simple steps over at instructables.



8. Mobile Computer: Portable Pi

Think the Wrist Computer from Chuck. Enough Said. [Link]


9. Offence / Defence: Project Sentry (With Arduino)

My personal favourite, which I saved for last, is the Project Sentry gun. Imagine a fully automatic sentry with either a airsoft, paintball, or Nerf Gun. I would love to see the look on office co-workers with that nerf gun mounted above my desk.



I had a lot of fun finding these tutorials and projects. If you have something awesome that your working on, let me know I would really enjoy featuring it on the blog.


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